Ireland of Imagination

9th May 2016

Six inspiring personalities that make Ireland special

1. Here’s to the man who saw his marshland could be transformed into a quirky glamping village, and sailed a Boeing 767 up the Atlantic Coast to make it happen.


2. Here’s to the priest who saw the West of Ireland as a destination and not an evacuation point, and built an airport in the middle of nowhere to make it happen.

Msgr Horan on runway

3. Here’s to the woman who saw danger in the teeming rain of Crossmolina, and begged the country not to make unnecessary journeys, in a way that inspired some Kerry magicians to put her words to music, in a manner that made the rain go away.


4. Here’s that singular man with a cottage in Rosmuc, who scribed the most famous declaration in modern Irish history with those unexpected, inclusive words: Irishmen and Irishwomen.


5. Here’s to the original country girl, who left County Clare at a time when the place was oppressed by myopia, and found the grace to spend her life writing about its beauty and its cruelty.


6. Here’s to the Wild Atlantic Ocean, which, with Time as its accomplice, has carved out this island of imagination which I proudly call home.


End Chapter One #irelandofimagination Copyright Brian McIntyre, Orchard Brand Agency

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