Orchard’s work is founded in insight – gained through qualitative research, cultural understanding and life-experience. Insightful thinking is the beating heart of beauty. Nothing truly beautiful is poorly thought-through.

Brian’s work at Orchard includes strategy, innovation, positioning and storytelling in the realms of brand building and service provision.

Since 2001, Orchard has completed over 400 projects, 1,300+ consumer focus groups and co-creation groups, and over 400 facilitated workshops, across many categories and geographies.

Brian’s interest in culture and language expresses itself in his work. His essays are a stream of cultural and brand thinking which stimulate; his interest in words means copywriting is part of many projects; his interest in discovery has led him to macro-travel (the continents) and micro-travel (cycling the ordnance survey maps of Ireland).

Heineken Ireland & Orchard won the 2014 Market Research Award (Marketing Institute of Ireland) for our collaborative work on Tiger Beer. This work was notable because we choose to have evenings where we talked to Irish young adults whose lives were enriched by travel in Asia. Through shared stories and totems, we uncovered the power of SE Asian cultures, which in turn inspired Tiger’s positioning.



At Orchard, I use strong processes, energetic collaboration and informed marketing judgment to add value to brands and businesses.

Qualitative Research
Expert facilitation of focus groups, co-creation, expert triads; these are made more powerful still by online (Zoom) collaboration

Cultural Insight
Desk research using the skills and processes of semiotics

Brand Planning
Strategic clarity and advice

Workshop Facilitation
Bringing the best thinking of the group to the table, giving it expression and clarity

Building Brand Worlds
Bringing imagination and life to strategy through telling compelling brand stories, in words, images and video